Airbus demonstrates hybrid comms potential


Airbus has held a multi-day event in Oulu, Finland, showcasing “advantages and features” of hybrid communications solutions.

According to the company, the aim of the event was to demonstrate progress made by its participants taking part in the Finnish government-funded Priority research programme. Work areas include 5G security, artificial intelligence, rural area coverage, and hybrid networks quality of service.

During the presentation, Airbus focussed in particular on its narrowband/broadband Tactilon Agnet solution. It was used to demonstrate “mission-critical collaboration through a deployable 5G network, showing the [device’s ability] to integrate and deliver video from external sources.”
Speaking of the demonstration, strategic marketing director for Airbus - and chairman of the Priority programme steering group - Tapio Savunen, said: “[The use of new technologies] will lead to the improvement of situational awareness during challenging missions, while also improving the efficiency of mission critical operations. Research programmes like Priority provide Airbus with an excellent platform to develop new technologies and test them in an environment extremely close to real-life operations.”

“Airbus is working hand-in-hand with many Finnish frontline technology companies such as Nokia, Bittium and Netradar, in order to develop enhanced public safety solutions.”

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