Airbus expands mission critical presence in Hungary


Airbus is providing a TETRA solution to the Paks nuclear power plant in Hungary.

According to the company, the scope of the contract also includes connection to the nationwide Hungarian TETRA network - known as EDR (Unified Digital Radio Communications System) –, as well as maintenance of the onsite network itself.
The system will be made up of a number of constituent parts. These include two switches, two base stations, a network management solution, dispatcher stations, voice recording, a short data service server, and real-time capacity monitoring. 
Airbus’ head of Northern, Central and Eastern Europe for secure land communications Markus Kolland said: “The project fits perfectly into Airbus’ critical national infrastructure development approach, which includes the implementation of products and solutions for mission critical and security-oriented companies, amongst others.
“The connection of the Paks plant to EDR will contribute [greatly] to the enhanced security of the installation, and to the protection of the population. The improved communication will help to prevent unexpected incidents, mitigate impact in the event of a disaster, and enable the efficient cooperation with all emergency organisations.”
The project is scheduled for completion in mid-2021.


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