BroadWay partner discusses operational mobility brief


Airbus has revealed details of the brief to provide a prototype for BroadWay, the European project aiming to roll-out mission critical broadband for public safety users across the continent.

According to the company, the BroadWay solution will be “tailored to answer multiple requirements” including the ability to “adapt the prototype to various use cases, and to enable communication using shared and dedicated mobile broadband networks.” The prototype will focus on operational mobility.
A spokesperson for Airbus said: “With this prototype, the Airbus consortium strives to bring unique added value and benefits to end-users by providing them with a flexible, end-to-end, roaming and group communication solution. This will allow any European country to quickly and easily join the future BroadNet network to access and share necessary information.”
Airbus is involved in one of three consortia chosen to take the initiative into its second ‘prototype’ phase. It consists of Airbus, Belgacom International Carrier Services, Proximus, and StreamWide Technology (France). Pentatech, umlaut, and Proximus Luxembourg are also involved in the consortium as subcontractors.

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