CCWeek: The importance of partnership


TCCA chair Mladen Vratonjic discusses the main issues facing the sector, and what he’s looking forward to at the upcoming Critical Communications Week.

What are the current challenges facing mission and business critical communications?
The decision to invest in a critical telecommunications network is currently a challenge for many users and operators. Depending on the situation, needs and deadlines, they can choose from a range of technologies. These include simpler, cost-optimised, systems, through TETRA and P25, to 4G and 5G technologies. 
Also - as is often the case -, a combination of different technological solutions will be an option for many. However, whichever is chosen, it is important that it is ETSI/3GPP standardised. In this way, the investment is protected for many years to come.

What will be the most transformative technology over the next five years and why?

Despite the revolutionary character of the new broadband technology for critical telecommunications, I see the transition to broadband more as an evolutionary process. In that sense, I expect that LMR systems - primarily TETRA and P25 - will work in combination with broadband systems for many years.
The development of an interface between the two technologies, supported by TCCA, is therefore crucial. 3GPP and ETSI are working hard to complete this as soon as possible.

What do you find most valuable in driving critical communications forward?

Technology is powerful, but users give the last word. Fifteen years ago, new TETRA users told me how much the new system helped them solve problems they couldn't before. In the same way, I would love to hear from critical broadband users in the coming years about how the new features and applications have allowed them to improve their daily work and fulfil their missions.
Which CCWeek conference sessions are you most looking forward to?

I am always excited about new and anticipated technologies, and the possibilities they can open up for us - especially in the world of combating increased security challenges. That is why I will be happy to listen to all the presentations that deal with AI and other new technologies on the horizon.
What is the most important message you would like people to take away from CCWeek?
The importance of good relationships and understanding within the sector. In the world of critical telecommunications, there are no classic ‘buyer-seller’ relationships. Only through long-term partnerships among all stakeholders - with an understanding of mutual needs – is it possible to reach a solution that will provide reliable, secure, efficient, full-featured mission and business critical communication. Creating such ecosystem is our main task at TCCA.

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