Coronavirus ‘return to work’ solution launched


Everbridge has developed a product aimed at helping organisations get back to business as usual, by speeding up COVID-19 contact tracing.

According to the company, the solution provides an “automated approach” to tracking exposure to the virus within the workplace. It does this by leveraging “225 pre-existing, out of the box integrations” including building access control, visitor management, corporate travel itineraries and so on.
Functionality includes access to automatically-updated intelligence about the virus, location-based task implementation and management, and the automated discovery of infected workers, tracked against prior movements. The company also claims that it will alert users before they enter ‘infection hotspots,’ such as hospitals, or countries which have seen a recent increase in transmission.  
Speaking of the solution, Everbridge chief product officer Ajay Nigam said: “The world’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic will be complex, staggered and unpredictable. In the meantime, technology, tools and data are available now to protect people as they return to work. The better handle an organization has on all this complexity, the sooner businesses can return employees to work while governments safely reopen public spaces.”
The solution derives its risk intelligence information from 22,000 data sources across 175 countries, tracking “everything from virus hotspots and travel restrictions, to protests and civil unrest.” It also enables “over 100 communication modalities, including its mobile app, to communicate with and provide real-time feedback from employees, such as wellness checks, which can be used to determine who are candidates to return to work.”

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