Critical Communications Week: day two


The second day of Critical Communications Week 2020 provided over ten hours of cutting-edge presentations, addressing the most pressing needs of the sector. Whereas on Monday the focus was overwhelmingly on the development and implementation of 4G and 5G however, today TETRA was introduced into the conversation in a major way.

This was apparent right from the beginning, with presentations outlining potential testing and certification strategies for the standard’s next generation, as well as a session about protecting its future. This part of the programme came to a natural conclusion with a panel discussion on the future of TETRA featuring Ken Rehbehn, Iain Ivory, Brian Murgatroyd and David Chater-Lea.

Comparing LTE to TETRA - and explaining why the latter may still be the technology of choice for many organisations - Ken Rehbehn said: “There are many reasons to consider possibly keeping TETRA in place; in parallel. Bear in mind that it operates in very low frequency bands, providing phenomenal coverage with a smaller number of base stations than is possible with LTE. In addition, having two networks in parallel provides resilience in times of catastrophe.”

While the overwhelming majority of the morning was concerned with TETRA, the day also featured several sessions on the ongoing deployment of broadband across a variety of mission critical sectors. This kicked off with the first keynote - delivered by vice president of Nokia Enterprise, Chris Johnson -, looking at the rise of Industry 4.0, and the potential benefits which the technology could ultimately deliver for public safety.

Speaking of these, he said: “The same mission critical use cases powered by private wireless networks across industries can be seamlessly applied to public sector needs, to power mission critical services.”

Staying on the subject of mission critical broadband, one particularly compelling session focussed on legal considerations when planning such a project at a national level. The panel in question included Jarmo Vinkvist, Jose Isidro Torreblanca, Nina Myren and Luz Fernandez Del Rosel, discussing the experience of their respective countries.

Join us tomorrow for day three of Critical Communications Week.

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