DAMM expands Australian services


DAMM Australia has announced that it has obtained approved VHF TETRA frequencies in the country and as such can now offer users an additional band of spectrum.

According to DAMM, advantages of the frequencies include improved RF propagation in rural, wooded and “undulating hilly areas,” as well as expanded telemetry coverage.

Geoff Wood, DAMM Australia technical director said: “VHF frequencies are extremely well suited for Australia, with its vast rural areas as well as its many mining operations. We are delighted that we can now offer VHF in TETRA mode to our customers.”

A spokesperson said: “To support the VHF frequencies, DAMM offers the VHF FT5 TETRA radio developed by DAMM and Funktel. The radio can be operated using the DAMM MultiTech Outdoor System in VHF.

“It is also possible to run both VHF and UHF in the same network using separate BS422 base stations, operating the DAMM TetraFlex software.”

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