ETSI to run MCX Plugtests webinar


ETSI is updating the industry on its critical broadband Plugtests programme, via a webinar taking place on May 14th.

According to a statement released by the organisation, the session will focus on a range of topics, including discussing the results of the fourth mission critical services (MCX) Plugtests event, which was held in Finland in September of last year. It will also provide an overview of ETSI’s MCX remote interoperability lab, the scope of the forthcoming fifth Plugtest event, and the inclusion of railway-orientated capabilities moving towards FRMCS.
The webinar - which is titled 'ETSI MCX Plugtests: The story so far, and future plans' -, will be led by Saurav Arora, who is managing ETSI’s MCX and ‘cellular vehicle to everything’ (CV2X) Plugtests. For more information, click here.

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