Frequentis establishes BVLOS drone partnership


Frequentis and mobile connectivity specialist Dimetor are working together to develop beyond visual line of sight drone technology.

According to a spokesperson, the companies will be providing connectivity for “command and control and payload data,” in order to ensure “reliable and consistent data sharing” from a single source. This is a core requirement for BVLOS flights.
The spokesperson continued: “The partnership enables mobile network operators to seamlessly integrate connectivity information into the aeronautical information management database (AIMdb).
“[They] thus become an integral part of the developing ecosystem for commercial BVLOS drone operations.”
So far, the use of network connectivity and associated data have not been standardised for pre-flight assessment or regulated for operational use.
Speaking of the partnership, Hannu Juurakko, Frequentis chairman of the ATM executive team said: “Through this cooperation, we will strengthen and develop the future airspace ecosystem, enabling the provision of critical data for safe Seite 2/2 BVLOS drone flights.”
Co-founder and CTO of Dimetor Thomas Wana said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Frequentis. This will enable an integrated solution bringing together the 3D cellular connectivity information for safe BVLOS operations with aeronautical information management on global scale.”


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