GCF reveals record-breaking 2019 numbers


The Global Certification Forum has announced a record number of manufacturers certifying products in 2019, following the analysis of last year’s wireless device certification data.

According to the organisation, last year likewise saw a significant increase in 5G technology certifications, as well as a record number of companies working within the GCF ecosystem. Figures include 629 devices from 70 manufacturers being certified, with 88 per cent of all devices certified supporting LTE.
The GCF – which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year - has also published its annual whitepaper. This is intended to provide “insights into the mobile technologies and functionalities being requested by operators and end-users across the world.”
Speaking of the results, Lars Nielsen, GCF CEO and general manager, said: “With these deep insights into the market trends we can see the growing importance and realisation of manufacturers and operators to ensure that devices interoperate correctly with networks to meet the performance expectations of end-users, particularly for new technologies and applications.”

Speaking of GCF’s anniversary, Tony Gray, TCCA Chief Executive said: “We have great respect for the achievements of GCF in the consumer mobile world over the past 20 years. We look forward to a close cooperation in developing the new and definitive mission critical certification programme, based on our complementary expertise in user expectations.” 

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