ICCAs 2021: a celebration for the sector


In the second visitor’s guide written in anticipation of next year’s Critical Communications World, Philip Mason looks at the venue for the 2021 ICCAs, the glamorous and historic Casino de Madrid.

As anyone who has ever attended the International Critical Communications Awards will know, it’s a prestigious event, aimed at bringing together the brightest and the best from across the sector for a night of celebration. 
With that in mind, for the next edition of the ICCAs – co-located with CCW in Madrid in 2021 -, a venue has been chosen which will elevate the proceedings from the merely special into the realm of the truly memorable, in the form of the Casino de Madrid.
Located in the heart of the Spanish capital on the historic Calle de Alcalá, the casino (which in this context means ‘social club’) dates back to the mid 19th century, when it provided the high flyers of the city with a place to congregate, away from the bustle of everyday life. This is a function which it still fulfils today as a private members club, while at the same time hosting official visits as well as grand occasions such as the ICCAs.
Exploring a bit further into the venue itself, the Casino de Madrid is spread out across four floors, on top of which is perched one of the city’s great rooftop terraces. As well as two dance halls - and the obligatory billiard room - there are also a variety of ‘salons’, which in former years would have seen political heavyweights and the intelligentsia hammering out the big issues of the day.
Naturally the CCW 2021 team had to experience the venue for itself, and it really is as striking as we’d been led to believe, with decor as opulent as any to be found in this grandest of European cities. On the night, those with an eye for such things will discern a mixture of styles ranging from Rococo to neo-Baroque, all of which will help to provide the backdrop to a unique and memorable occasion.
As well as its history and interior design, the other thing which the la casino is well known for is its hospitality, boasting its own on-site two Michelin star restaurant. Needless to say, those attending the ICCAs will likewise have the opportunity to sample the best of Spanish food and wine.
New awards
As memorable as we expect the 2021 ICCAs to be as an occasion, we have even higher hopes for the awards themselves.
As in previous years they will reward the best and most innovative work taking place across the sector, both in terms of the technology itself as well as how it’s being rolled out and used by those operating on the frontline. Categories include TETRA/narrowband device of the year, hybrid device of the year, best software application of the year, SME of the year, and more.
The awards will also acknowledge the most influential personalities within the sector, with new categories for 2021 including industry champion of the year and social media campaign of the year. This is another aspect which makes the ICCAs so special, as well as so inclusive of the whole sector. 
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