‘Industry 4.0’ roll-out at world’s largest iron ore mine


Nokia is partnering with telecommunications company Vivo to provide private LTE at the Carajás iron ore mine in Brazil.

According to Nokia, the network will play an integral part in the planned deployment of autonomous drill platforms and trucks by mine operator Vale. The service will also be used for communication between workers. 

Vale also plans to expand use of the technology to other mines currently using older WiMax solutions, including the Brucutu site in Minas Gerais.

Speaking of the roll-out, a spokesperson for Nokia said: “Our private industrial-grade wireless solutions are enabling many new applications in the mining field. This includes support for environmental monitoring, video-assisted remote operations and improved worker monitoring and safety.”

Gustavo Vieira, CIO of Vale, said: “This new generation of wireless technology — LTE and, eventually, 5G — is enabling us to explore many new applications and use cases for remote and autonomous operations. This will help to make our mining operations more efficient, sustainable and safe for our workers.”

Carajás is the largest iron ore mine in the world, containing approximately seven billion tonnes of the material. It is situated in the Carajás mountains of Northern Brazil.
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