Industry giant rolls-out ‘world first’ in Antarctica


Teltronic has deployed what it claims is the world’s first TETRA/broadband-convergent solution to use a single network management system and control node for both.

The equipment was rolled out in Antarctica, having been developed within the framework of the Spanish Ministry of Defence’s Galileo PRS (public regulated service) project. The project - which is centred around exploring satellite navigation - tests the PRS signal from the aforementioned European GNSS system.
According to Teltronic, deployment of the convergent system took place last year during oceanographic research ship Hespérides’ annual expedition to Antarctica. The roll-out was to provide a “robust [voice/data] communication system among staff members, as well as “massive and real-time data” transmission from land-based control centre systems.
Speaking about the project, a spokesperson for Teltronic said: “Teltronic installed a complete solution based on its eNEBULA communications infrastructure. This included the central node which provides intelligence to the network, alongside base stations, and the dual communication terminals. 
“This experience marks an important milestone for the evolution of critical communications in professional environments, with TETRA as a reference standard and LTE as a logical evolution towards broadband applications.”

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