Industry giant supplies critical comms to Chinese airport


Airbus is providing its narrowband/LTE hybrid Tactilon Agnet to Jinan Airport in China, in order to upgrade the facility’s existing TETRA system.

According to the company, Jinan will be the first airport in the country to combine “the best of Airbus TETRA, and the mobile broadband network” for its daily operations. The solution will be rolled-out later this year, alongside a Taira TETRA server, TB3base stations, and TH9 terminals.
A spokesperson for Airbus said: “Thanks to the possibility of hybrid networking, Jinan Airport staff members - from fuel personnel to firefighters - will be able to connect to the secure TETRA system using their ordinary smartphones.
“They can use secure TETRA for airport-related services such as luggage handling, shuttle bus logistics, equipment maintenance, or refuelling, at the push of a button.”
Jinan Airport is one of the busiest airports in China, receiving around 18 million visitors a year.

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