Industry giant to supply TETRA to Chinese metro operators


Airbus has announced that it will supply TETRA-based communications to three new metro customers in the Chinese cities of Taiyuan, Luoyang and Xi’An.

According to the company, the cities will use a mixture of its Taira servers, TB3 base stations, and TH1n, TH9 and TMR880i terminals. Luoyang’s Metro Line 1 will be the first in the country to be equipped with the rugged TH9 device.
Speaking of the roll-out, Marko Tiesmaki, head of the Asia-Pacific region for secure land communications at Airbus, said: “We are proud to gain the trust of three new customers in China. The new contracts confirm our leading position in the transportation market. Our customers know that they can rely on secure and reliable technology and our support at any time.”
Statistics released by the company state that it has kitted-out over 100 Chinese metro lines with TETRA.

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