IoT-based landslide monitoring tech deployed in China


Nokia has announced its delivery of a landslide monitoring and early warning system for highways operations management company BGIGC Group in China. The technology is being developed in partnership with China Mobile/CMCC Guangxi.

According to Nokia, the solution is being deployed on the G75 Lanzhou–Haikou expressway, which is one of the main highways in Guangxi province. The technology has already undergone trials, during which it prevented impact to road users following a landslip in March of last year.

The system - which is based on the Nokia IMPACT IoT platform - provides real-time reports on ground conditions and incline stability. If a potential landslide is indicated, it immediately notifies highway management personnel, either by SMS or phone.

Speaking of the solution, Yang Jirong, enterprise applications expert at CMCC Guangxi, said: “Immediately upon deployment, the Nokia IoT solution demonstrated the value it can deliver. As a leading operator, we are highly committed to enhancing expressway safety for all road users with 5G technology. This project is a major step forward in that goal.”

Cheng Gang, executive vice president of Nokia Shanghai Bell said: “This is an outstanding example of the benefits which the Internet of Things can deliver to improve public safety. We’re pleased that our system showed its worth during trials."

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