Key organisations launch MCX taskforce


The Global Certification Forum (GCF) and TCCA have announced a joint ‘mission critical certification’ taskforce.

According to a statement, the initiative will move certification forward for mission critical push-to-talk (MCPTT), mission critical data (MCData) and mission critical video (MCVideo). Collectively, these are known as MCX or MCS, aka ‘mission critical services’.
The taskforce will examine numerous areas, including the availability of suitable conformance test equipment for MC products, as well as potential certification development, with inputs from vendors, users and network operators. It will also look at ensuring end-to-end interoperability and security of MC products (devices and servers), applications, services and networks, as well as the management and governance of joint certification.
Initial actions are anticipated to be completed by the taskforce during the first half of this year. The work is intended to be an evolution of TCCA’s both unique and highly successful TETRA Interoperability and Certification Process.
 A spokesperson for both organisations said: “Without an agreed interoperability testing and certification system in place, each mission critical service provider will have to test all relevant elements and their interactions thoroughly. This will result in the same tests being done for the same elements at multiple locations.
“That will mean extra costs to suppliers, operators and users. Vendors may [also] end up implementing different variants of the same products with the corresponding need to maintain them.”
Lars Nielsen, CEO at GCF said:“Mission critical devices, networks and services [are a crucial part of] GCF’s overall certification programme. A device that meets all certification requirements for the technology bands and features it supports gives confidence that everything possible has been done by the manufacturer to guarantee delivery of the highest quality of service for users.”
TCCA chief executive Tony Gray said: “GCF’s experience and knowledge of the mobile industry and TCCA’s long-established expertise in critical communications bring complementary strengths together. We look forward to working with GCF to lead the development and implementation of testing and certification processes for the benefit of the mission critical broadband user community worldwide.”
The taskforce is open to members from both organisations. Current supporters include: Airbus, Alea, Anritsu, Dekra, DSB, du, Ericsson, BDBOS, ETSI, French Gendarmerie, Frequentis, Huawei, Hytera, IoTAS, Keysight, Leonardo, Motorola Solutions, MultiTech, Nemergent Solutions, Orange, Police Netherlands, Pro-M, Samsung, SmartViser, Sprint, Suomen Erillisverkot, Swissphone, Telecom Italia, UK Home Office, Umlaut, University of the Basque Country, and Zetron.

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