Latest Critical App Challenge winners announced


The fifth round of demonstrations have taken place involving apps developed for Airbus’ hybrid TETRA/LTE device Tactilon Dabat, as part of the company’s ‘Critical App Challenge’.

The one-day event took place at the end of September in Stockholm, and saw a variety of developers, primarily from the Nordic countries, present their solutions to a jury of mission-critical customers and end users. Evaluation criteria included level of innovation as well as the user experience, taking into account in particular IoT, data analytics, and AI.
Winners included ‘Mesensei’, which is a “decentralised platform for private social media communication and decentralised data ownership,” and ‘Dottli’, which collects and shares data on each end-user via the use of sensors. ‘Ansur’ meanwhile aims to reduce emergency response time via the use of “visual situational awareness data.”
Speaking of the results Rahim Zaknoun, head of developer ecosystem for secure land communications at Airbus, said: “[The Critical App challenge] concept is a unique way to show our customers that we are actively listening to their needs, and are also proposing tailored applications and solutions which take into account technological advances. [That could be] in public safety, law enforcement, transport, utility and industry, and even healthcare.”
The event has previously taken place in Germany, Belgium, Hungary, as well as in the Middle East and North Africa region.


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