Product focus: DAMM


DAMM will be focussing on two new solutions to make users' lives easier at Critical Communications Week.

The first is the frequency sharing functionality in its BS422 outdoor base station. According to the company, this will allow users to improve spectrum efficiency, simplify repeater systems, and obtain base station geo-redundancy.

Alongside its base station meanwhile, DAMM will also be officially launching its new bridging solution, the TetraFlex Network Bridge. This is designed to enable the extension of TETRA networks from other suppliers, allowing individual and group communication across systems.

The application supports group/individual calls and SDS messages, as well as free roaming between networks.

Speaking of DAMM's activity at CCWeek, a company spokesperson said: “Although our physical booth has been swapped for a virtual one, it will have the same features as usual. This means that [visitors] can still drop by to explore our products and solutions, and meet our team. We are looking forward to answering questions and discussing future projects.”

As well as its presence at the CCWeek virtual exhibition, the company will also be hosting live sessions during the event’s conference.

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