Rajant solution ‘bridges 5G gap’


Mesh networking specialist Rajant has announced a new modular radio platform, known as the Falcon.

According to the company, the solution offers “multiple MIMO radios, extremely high throughput, enhanced security performance, and edge computing capabilities for third-party applications and artificial intelligence."

When combined with the company’s ‘InstaMesh’ protocol, it is “capable of bridging Kinetic Mesh wireless networks with other networks such as LTE/5G.”

Speaking of the technology, a spokesperson for the company said: “The Falcon is part of Rajant’s initiative to develop deeply integrated solutions that securely combine data from connected people, vehicles, machines, and sensors, with machine learning. 

“This data combination unlocks the benefits of process optimisation, digital twins, predictive analytics, condition-based maintenance, augmented reality, and virtual reality, while improving worker safety.”

Rajant CEO and co-founder Robert Schena said: “The Falcon will be interoperable with all our technology to expand market capabilities for industries like rail, ports, military, mining, and heavy construction. Being able to do video and/or LiDAR processing at the edge is core to unlocking these new capabilities.”

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