TCCA reaches major milestone


TCCA is celebrating 25 years since its inauguration as the TETRA MoU Association.

The initial meeting of critical communications stakeholders took place in Copenhagen on the 4th of November 1994, during which the memorandum of understanding was signed. Attendees included representatives from the Netherlands Police, Ericsson, Motorola, Philips Telecom and the UK Home Office.

Speaking during the week of the anniversary, a spokesperson said for the association said: “Over 25 years, TCCA has grown to become a global organisation, continuing to drive the development of TETRA technology through its TETRA Industry Group and ETSI. [It is also] catalysing and leading the development of critical broadband 4G/LTE and 5G standards.

“TCCA’s core principle of open standards – the foundation for the success of TETRA – has remained unshakeable since those first pioneers came together in 1994.”

The spokesperson continued: “The TETRA market was built on the unique Interoperability [IOP] Testing & Certification Process, developed and led by TCCA’s Technical Forum [TF]. The first TF meeting was held at the UK Home Office in London in February 1999, and the first IOP certificates were published in November 1999.

“Twenty years later, the TETRA IOP process continues to lead the world in independent certification for critical communications.”

Jeppe Jepsen is the TCCA Board’s vice-chair, as well as the association’s director of broadband spectrum, and director of international business relations for Motorola Solutions. Speaking as the Motorola director of TETRA when the MoU was signed, he said: ”Over these 25 years, the association has expanded the market to all parts of the world and all sectors of PMR/LMR.

“TCCA has developed across the critical communications broadband ecosystem to become the place where user organisations and industry can debate and clarify their common issues. [It is also] the honest place to obtain and share information.

“Through lobbying of governments and regulators we have gained international agreement on broadband spectrum for PPDR, and we have set out - and continue to drive - technology roadmap agreements across the demand and supply sectors.”

TCCA Chief Executive Tony Gray said: “This 25th anniversary is another opportunity to publicly thank all our members, our partners and all supporters of excellence in critical communications.

“The impact that such a niche but crucial market has on the world’s safety and security cannot be underestimated, and we are proud that TCCA is firmly embedded at the centre of developments.”

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