TCCA/EUTC MoU anticipates smart grid roll-outs


TCCA has signed a memorandum of understanding with the European Utilities Telecom Council (EUTC), in the interests of advancing critical communications within the latter’s sector.

The EUTC is a professional association representing electric, gas and water utilities companies as well as other critical infrastructure providers, in regard to information and communications technology. It advocates and advises on issues such as cybersecurity, radio spectrum access, fibre optic cable siting and leasing, while also working with a range of European institutions. 
Speaking of the agreement, TCCA chief executive Tony Gray said: “It is essential that critical national infrastructure networks have access to the best available technology and security features to ensure seamless operations. With this MoU in place we can learn more about the specific needs of these users as critical broadband services develop, and share our members’ expertise to enable a wider knowledge base and a stronger ecosystem.”
He continued: “The demands of the utility sector in development of these solutions have substantial areas of overlap with the work which is being carried out by TCCA and other stakeholders, driven by the needs of public safety users. The MoU will allow sharing of valuable technical expertise regarding the deployment of mission critical broadband wireless systems and will provide mutual benefits for members of both communities.”
According to TCCA, utilities companies currently use a wide variety of connectivity types for their communications, including copper, fibre and narrowband radio. However, almost all are now looking to implement large scale, private wide area networks in order to prepare for the future roll-out of smart grids.

Discussing this, EUTC technical director Julian Stafford said: “The evolution of robust, cost effective energy smart grids is imperative to facilitate the most efficient use of renewable energy sources. We must reduce carbon emissions very significantly in order to avoid the worst effects of climate change. 
“However, this increased use of renewable energy must not impact the reliability of our energy grids. For that to work-out, we need massively increased visibility and control, or a very widely distributed asset base where currently no meaningful connectivity exists.”

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