Teltronic achieves ETCS over TETRA; anticipates further roll-outs


Kazakhstan passenger and freight rail operator Kazakhstan Temir Zholy (KTZ), has certified the integration of Teltronic’s TETRA solution with the European Train Control System (ETCS) signalling application.

The solution will operate along the 300 kilometre Zhetygen to Altynkol line following what Teltronic refers to as a “successful laboratory integration.”

A spokesperson for Teltronic said: “This project [provides] irrefutable proof of the viability and reliability of an ETCS railway signalling system over TETRA. This experience may [also] be applicable to other transportation environments, with signalling systems based on different existing protocols such as ETCS, CBTC or PTC.”

Teltronic’s transport business development director Felipe Sanjuán said: “TETRA is spectrally more efficient, has a greater range of functions, and is significantly cheaper than GSM-R. That’s why this technology is breaking through, even in European countries where GSM-R is the commonly deployed technology in signalling systems.

“In other places of the world - where customers can choose the technology to support ETCS - TETRA becomes a very interesting option, especially in those countries that don’t have allocated spectrum to GSM-R for transport.”

The ETCS solution was provided to KTZ by the Bombardier signalling company.


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