Triple-9 joins TCCA


Netherlands-based 4G and 5G network specialists Triple-9 has announced its membership of TCCA.

The company designs and develops telecommunications applications/systems for public 4G and 5G networks. This includes a series of software and hardware applications under its Lyfo brand name.
It offers - according to a statement - a “combination of specialist knowledge around mobile data communications networks, software development and entrepreneurship.”
Speaking of the reasons for joining TCCA, Maurits Zandbergen, business development for Triple-9 said: “Our driver is to get access to latest the technological developments, industry standards and also the requirements of mobile professionals. We look forward to working with the Critical Communications Broadband Group in particular.
‘’Triple-9 is highly involved in various projects in the professional telecommunications sector where we see a growing need for high availability broadband data communication solutions. Our most recent product, Lyfo.NET, enables fast and easy automatic switching between all available 4G mobile networks with just one SIM card.’’
TCCA chief executive Tony Gray said: “Commercial mobile networks are set to be the basis for mission critical networks in many countries. It is vital that as much knowledge and expertise as possible is brought together through TCCA to ensure the most comprehensive support for first responders and other critical users.
“We are very pleased to welcome Triple-9 as a TCCA member and look forward to their support as we continue to drive the development of critical broadband.”

For more on the move towards mission critical broadband, register your interest and join us at CCW 2020.

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